Voter Resources

Primary Election 2022

  • Election Day: August 23
  • Early Voting: August 13 – 20
  • Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline: August 13
  • Voter Registration Deadline: July 25
  • Mail-in Ballots Begin Arriving: July 14 – 21

General Election 2022

  • Election Day: November 8
  • Early Voting: October 29 – November 5
  • Mail-in Ballot Request Deadline: October 29
  • Voter Registration Deadline: October 11
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Amendment 4 Information

Thanks to the passage of Amendment 4 in 2018, returning citizens convicted of felonies that have paid their debt to society can now vote. Get more information here.

  • A felony conviction in Florida for murder or a sexual offense makes a person ineligible to vote in Florida unless and until the State Clemency Board restores the person’s right to vote.
  • For any other felony conviction in Florida, a person is eligible to register and vote if the person has completed all terms of their sentence. Completion of the sentence means:
    • Prison or jail time;
    • Parole, probation, or other forms of supervision; and
    • Payment of the total amount of all fines, fees, costs, and restitution ordered as part of the felony sentence.
  • A felony conviction in another state makes a person ineligible to vote in Florida only if the conviction would make the person ineligible to vote in the state where the person was convicted.
  • An offense on which a person was not adjudicated guilty does not make a person ineligible to vote.
  • A misdemeanor conviction does not make a person ineligible to vote.
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