Statement from Naomi Blemur on Participating in the Hurricane Relief Efforts

In light of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian, we need to put aside politics and focus on what is important – recovering our communities and bringing immediate help to everyone who is in need right now. 

Effective today, I am postponing my campaign to focus on Hurricane Ian relief efforts. In the coming days, I will visit the counties most affected by this devastating hurricane to assess the needs of minority and underserved communities.

I offer my help to Governor DeSantis as a liaison between his office and minority communities who are in dire need of help. My first stops will be Lee, Collier, Osceola, and Orange counties. It will be my priority to identify individuals and small businesses who grapple with destruction, loss, and tragedy; make sure the Governor is aware of their needs, and that relief funds are coming to them immediately. 

I look forward to working together with the Governor and volunteer organizations to bring help to the people of Florida and overcome this challenge together. 

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