Naomi Esther Blemur Visits Collier County After Hurricane Ian (part 2)

Naomi Esther Blemur, Democratic Nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture, postponed her campaign activities for a few days to focus on Hurricane Ian relief efforts and offer much needed assistance to underrepresented communities in the state of Florida. Naomi called upon the Governor and leaders at every level to aid millions of Floridians who have been affected in minority-based communities like Naples.

Local residents organized collection and distribution sites to help those in need. Unfortunately, the destruction is so massive that it is not enough. Cori Craciun, leader of nonprofit organization Naples Pride, stated, ”I have been in contact with the county about getting supplies after the hurricane, and they didn’t have anything. They said that […] they are still assessing the situation.”

Having little to no help from the authorities has forced Naples residents to rely on non-profit organizations to deliver essential goods to underserved communities. “The most important thing that we all get together and help each other. I just wish that our authorities would do the same thing,” added Ms. Craciun.

As a public servant, Naomi Esther Blemur took it upon herself to convey the needs of these communities to the state leaders. She identified some of the most pressing issues such as over 40 senior citizens who need to be relocated out of their unlivable homes into shelters, and hundred of families who are not getting approved for SNAP programs although they need it.

“The majority of those living here have lost everything and have not been able to get the proper assistance that they need,” Naomi said in a video documenting the destruction and tragedy in Naples. “We are calling on the leaders at every single level and especially Governor DeSantis: please come and see the people on this side of Naples, too.”

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