Naomi Esther Blemur Hosts Town Hall in Orange County After Hurricane Ian

Naomi Esther Blemur, Democratic Nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture, postponed her campaign activities for a few days to focus on Hurricane Ian relief efforts and offer much needed assistance to underrepresented communities in the state of Florida. Naomi called upon the Governor and leaders at every level to aid millions of Floridians who have been affected in minority-based communities like Orlando.

Naomi organized a town Hall in Orange county, during which people were able to share their concerns after the hurricane. Naomi also had a conversation with Pastor Jean Bernadin Caroll of Eglise Baptiste Haitienne Philadephie.

Immediately after the hurricane, Naomi Blemur volunteered as a liaison between minority communities and Governor Ron DeSantis to help the latter identify people in dire need of assistance. As in other affected places, Naomi identified the problems Orlando communities experience after the disaster in order to relay that information to the Governor.

For many people, unlivable conditions are the most pressing issue. After water had flooded homes and trees had fallen on top of them, many individuals had to leave their homes. They live in hotels and stay with friends’ and families’. Some of them have insurance problems: they have not been able to get claims in order to rebuild and repair their homes. Many of them are without electricity.

In a heartfelt video message intended for the Governor, Naomi said, “We know that this is not a long-term solution. They need assistance, and they need it now. We are calling on the Governor, we are calling upon the leaders at every level to ensure that we bring assistance to these families. […] Many of them had not gone to work for several days. They are without food, and they do not have money. And in the coming week, you know that they are going to be short on their paychecks. So please: we are asking for your assistance. We are asking for you to act now.”

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