It is my distinct honor to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the great city of North Miami. I am running for Mayor to put the residents, small business owners and the future of our children first. As a mother, wife, small business owner and community advocate, I will work tirelessly to make our city affordable, one district at a time. Together we will create opportunities that will lead to a thriving city that works for us all. 

I am the daughter of Haitian immigrants, born here at Jackson Memorial Hospital. I overcame losing both parents as a teenager—my father at 16 and my mother at 18 years old. At 21 years old, I was left to raise my three younger siblings, the youngest a child born with down syndrome. I fought to give them a decent quality of life, and now the youngest, a child with special needs, is a high school graduate. My middle sibling recently graduated from law school, and the eldest sibling is a leading educator and former assistant principal for a national charter school.

Amidst the challenges of raising my siblings, I had the privilege of studying Business in the European Union in France, International Business Management and Marketing in Spain, Language & Culture in Italy, and Accounting & Economics in the United States. I went on to build a successful career in management, working for several fortune 500 companies in the retail industry and commercial banking. In 2008, I resigned from corporate America and moved on to establish a non-profit focused on women’s issues and at-risk girls aging out of the foster care system.

In 2015, I moved to North Miami as an entrepreneur and an engaged community leader. I immediately went to work while balancing family life as a new wife and later as a mother. I re-published my first book and became the Co-founder of a nonprofit established to connect and empower success through academic, spiritual, emotional, and financial balance in my community. I established a network to honor, celebrate and mentor women and young girls in South Florida. To date, we have recognized the achievements of over 40 women and girls in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, in medicine, law, media, and advocacy, education, to name a few.

In light of building a balanced live, work and play life in North Miami, I went on to establish NoMi’s first coworking space in 2019. This community hub offers flexible and affordable options for locals and is conveniently located downtown, minutes from city hall. It’s bold and creative style is perfectly designed for freelancers, startups, creatives, and everyone in-between. 

Whether through my consulting firm, my non-profit organization, or community engagement – I am present, always serving, and challenging the process when necessary, albeit not without my own challenges. Shortly after getting married, my husband was indicted and sentenced to federal prison; despite those challenges, I’ve continued to fight to build a decent life for my son and me, while my husband pays his debt to society. With my community’s support, I’ve gained the necessary strength to continue serving and giving back to my community.

Each time I got discouraged, I was reminded I was not alone. 1 out of every 4 women has a loved one serving time in federal or state prison. Through it all, my faith in God and this community has never wavered.

The current reality of our city calls for a strong, diverse leader with convictions. One who is not afraid to challenge the process and speak truth to power. 

Naomi currently serves as a Commissioner on the North Miami Planning Commission, Business Committee Member on the North Miami C.R.A. Community Redevelopment Agency, Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Board, Downtown Action Plan Advisory Committee and Vice Chair on the North Miami Commission on Women. 

Naomi made history on August 2022, as the first woman of color to receive a major party nomination for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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Naomi Esther Blemur for Mayor of North Miami

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